Mangawhai Boating & Fishing Club

Mangawhai is situated 1 1/2 hours north of the harbour bridge and less than an hour south of Whangarei on the east coast.

The Club was first formed in 1966, and in 1998 affiliated to the NZBGFC (now the NZ Sport Fishing Council Inc). With a total membership of 318, we are on the up and up.

The harbour offers 2 boat ramps for easy lauching and sufficient parking for trailers. Within 30 minutes you can be in the most wonderful fishing spots, including great coastal spots and the famous Hen & Chicken Islands, not to mention Sail Rock. Add another hour and you will reach the Mokohinau Islands, once you have crossed the 'Bar'. On a normal day, crossing is a breeze, but it is a bar and you do have to be aware of the dangers. If you have never been out of Mangawhai and need to know where the channel lies, contact the club or just ask any local, and we will show you the way.

Subscriptions to the club are: :
$50.00 Family (Parents & Children under 16 years @ 1st July)
$30.00 Senior $ 15.00 Junior (Under 16 @ 1st July) $ 10.00 Midget (Under 10 @ 1st July) Includes affiliation to NZSFC

If you haven't been to Mangawahi, check out our club Web Site