Phil Appleyard

Immediate Past President


Phil is the owner of the Big Fish Bait and Tackle Company.  He was born in Ireland Bay in Wellington and his parents were commercial fishermen.  During the school holidays Phil worked on commercial boats and when he left school he then became full time.  During this time Phil also was introduced to recreational fishing.  

He went to Australia and spent two years on commercial prawn fishing boats and surface long line commercial fishing.  

When he returned to New Zealand he got involved with the retail fishing market.  He helped start the Big Fish Bait and Tackle company 27 years ago and has owned it outright for over 24 years.  Recently he purchased the adjoining dive shop which is now called Big Fish Dive.  

He started the Big Fish Fishing Club 25 years ago with a group of keen fishermen and the club became affiliated in 2000 at which time Phil became the delegate for the club and zone.

Since then he because Vice President for a year and has been the President of the NZ Sport Fishing Council for three years standing down this year.  

Phil is still fishing but enjoys helping others to learn and grow to love the sport of fishing.  He is keen to ensure that our great fishing grounds are available to his son and children of the future. 

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