Bob Gutsell



Bob has been an avid fisher since he was old enough to hold a fishing rod.  His first fishing photo was of a two year old holding a sprat on the Raglan Wharf almost 50 years ago.  Since then he has fished most of the North Eastern and Western Coasts of the North Island and from Panama to San Diego on the American West Coast.

He was a founding member of the Waikato Sport Fishing Club in 1989 and the President of that club from 2008 to 2014.  At the same time he became a New Zealand Sport Fishing Council Board Member in 2012, has been the Communication Committee Chair since 2013 and became Vice President in 2014.  This year he has been elected as President, taking over from Phil Appleyard.

Bob has a passion for growing the organisations he works with, helping them look to the future while simultaneously stabilising the here and now with strategic thinking, good governance practices and a focus on building great relationships to achieve outstanding outcomes for the organisation.


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